Things to keep in mind before preparing a Cricket Pitch

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  • Things to keep in mind before preparing a Cricket Pitch

Things to keep in mind before preparing a Cricket Pitch

You’re preparing to make a cricket field. Let me help by making it easy for you. We are providing you with the queries you need to install the perfect ground you have imagined.


Do not forget to access the forecast for the next one or two week/s and check the moisture level within the field you want.


There is no point in watering the ground a lot If there is unsettled weather ahead and you have no way of covering, don’t water the field, whether with evaporation will be able to remove it.

Reducing the Height of Cut & and making it a little thin


Cut the pitch approx 10mm in height, then thin grass surface. The aim should be that the surface is evenly grassed, do it with come soil apparently.


Check the moisture level of the ground


It is necessary to check the ground you are going to play on, ground quality also depends on the climatic conditions of the area. The ground is mainly expected to be dry. The more the ground is perfect the more perfectly turf will be installed. Also, the turf should be water-resistant so that the water flows down easily and the field does not get patchy while playing.


Hire the best and the most trusted Contractors


This is the most confusing question. Whom should I hire for my field? You definitely want to give your field’s contract to the most trusted and right hands. Meckavo Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. provide the best services to their clients. They provide construction, maintenance, consultation, and installation services of artificial turf for multi-sports, interior designs, and landscaping purposes.



If thinking of building the best field, you need to check on these few steps. The good quality of ground is always the highlighted part in every game.