5 Reasons that the Artificial Turf Field is Safer than the Natural Grass Field

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  • 5 Reasons that the Artificial Turf Field is Safer than the Natural Grass Field

5 Reasons that the Artificial Turf Field is Safer than the Natural Grass Field

Playgrounds or fields are necessary for children's growth, but their surface is not always safe. Most people prefer natural grass. But it sometimes has some dangers hidden in it. This is also the reason that an artificial turf playground or field is becoming more common nowadays. Let’s find out the reason, artificial grass is better than natural grass for playgrounds or fields when it comes to safety.

Artificial turf diminishes the chances of injuries occurring on the ground

A hard and rough field can cause scrapes and bruises. And for that natural grass offers a softer surface, but the ground underneath can be unpredictable.

ASTM rating

For safety, premium artificial grass products are ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified. The certification ensures that the turf offers the proper shock absorption, head impact attenuation, and vertical. And these features are very critical in preventing potential injuries.

Soft fall zones

Artificial grass is installed with paddings. When kids or players fall or slip on the surface, it absorbs the impact and prevents serious injuries, like broken bones or concussions. 

Insects and germs

Natural grass can become a habitat for many insects and germs and bacteria. These can be a danger to kids who play near these areas whereas artificial turf does not attract these as does not provide the food and shelter they get in natural grass fields.

No more toxic chemical

The artificial grass does not need any pests or harmful chemicals or fertilizers, it has no pollen, bugs, dirt, or other allergens that natural grass contains. So there are no chances of children getting allergies from it. So parents can feel free to send their children to the field and let them have their own adventure.


Conclusion: If you are thinking of making an artificial turf field then this is a good idea. Artificial turf does not cost much, like natural grass, it is very effective, gives a beautiful look to the area, feels exactly like a natural grass itself, and doesn’t contain any germs or bacteria. 

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