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Construction of the Football Field

When you have decided to install the football field for your ground you might be pondering what is the turf composed of and how is it installed. You may have thought that it was just dirt, or you may have just laid it over the grass that was previously there. Today, we’re going to tell you that it’s not exactly what you think.

Getting the ground ready for synthetic turf is not an easy process. Before they can start laying the products, they have to compact the ground. This step can be done by removing the natural grass and then placing some of the products on top of the ground. Depending on the type of ground installation services, you can choose between crushed stone or concrete. Along the edges of the surface, you will also have a variety of products and materials, such as nailer boards.

Drainage system

The air drains are made from 100% recycled plastic, which can endure various types of weather conditions. This type of plastic can also be used in environments that have extreme temperatures, such as those in cold and hot climates. The use of air drains help prevent puddles on the field, as it allows water to flow away from the surface more quickly. It also helps keep the playing surface clean and dry throughout the season. So, you don’t need to worry about the patchy and watery field anymore.


Our company provides you with a higher level of security at the time of installation under the turf. Because our client’s security and safety comes first to our mind and our staff members and project managers are always dedicated to meeting all the precious requirements of our esteemed clients regarding the construction, consultation, installation and maintenance of the artificial turf field.

Also we offer cutting edge technology and advanced quality manufacturing materials. We install a shock absorption system in the turf field so that an athlete can freely play and the game stays on.